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About US

The "Indian Cremation Organization" (ICO) was originally founded as Indian Cremation Society of Chicagoland in 2008 and subsequently re-registered as a not for profit organization in 2009 as ICSC to address the needs of the Indian-American community. We take pride in our work.

Some people have even tried to taint our organization by calling themselves the same organization as us and have gone even one step further which is , by posting the following WRONGFUL NOTATION even on their website that says: "The Indian Cremation Society of Chicagoland (ICSC) was founded and registered as a not for profit organization in 2008 to address the needs of the Indian-American community. Subsequently the organization's name was modified to reflect its non profit nature of mission. This new name is Indian Cremation of Chicagoland NFP (ICC)" THIS IS NOT TRUE.

INDIAN CREMATION SOCIETY OF CHICAGOLAND which was founded in 2009 and subsequently renamed to just INDIAN CREMATION ORGANIZATION is the original and still a very active organization. Please do not heed to the above or any other notations on any website.

The founding members of the organization are respected community members from diverse religious and ethnic background.  They have committed to serve the organization on a voluntary basis without any monetary or other forms of compensation.  

The volunteers from the organization have visited many funeral homes with crematory in the greater Chicagoland area.  Each facility has been evaluated to see if it meets the bio-ethical codes prevalent among Hindu and other religious groups. The evaluation also kept in mind, the overall needs of our Indian Community and the mission of Indian Cremation Society of Chicagoland.

The results of this evaluation are summarized in the subsequent parts of this presentation, which also includes a directory of Funeral homes with associated Crematoriums.  Additional information about the priests who perform the religious ceremony, Pooja Samagri, the florists, Printers, Photo/Video studios where announcements may be compiled, listed on Website etc. are also included.

Our Mission
To provide information that will educate, empower and assist a grieving family in making arrangements for a dignified Funeral and Cremation, at a reasonable cost.

Our Code of Ethics

  • The services provided to the Indian-American Community will be consistent with our ancient cultural norms, and also comply with current funeral rites and beliefs.
  • The funeral homes selected offer a clean and compassionate environment for religious ceremonies and services, as also actual cremation
  • The services provided will be dignified, reasonable and consistent with the pre-negotiated Indian Funeral Package price as agreed upon by funeral home representatives and Indian Cremation Society of Chicagoland.
  • Each facility will adhere to all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the State of Illinois.  The facility will also adhere to the SPIRIT that dictates the fair and dignified treatment of the family and the deceased.
  • Each facility will provide an option for the performance of the religious ceremony at home, if requested by the family.  This will require that the body of the deceased be transported to his/her home where the ceremony can be performed at a designated time.  After completion, the body of the deceased will be transported back for cremation at the chosen crematorium.
  • Each facility listed will employ only trained and certified technicians.Each facility listed will have open door policy: the family may view facilities at any time and may witness the cremation process.
  • All the facilities listed will be available for consultation 24 hours. a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Cremation can only be performed according to the requirements of the State at the Funeral Homes.
  • All the facilities listed will be members of Better Business Bureau’s customer Assurance Care Program.



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