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Indian Cremation Organization, NFP.
(A Not for Profit Organization)

This Organization Has Not, Does Not, and Will Not Collect Any Fees For The Services Provided.

It is estimated that there are about 2,289,000 Indians living in the US.  The metropolitan Chicago area is home to about 125,000 Indians.  About 40 percent of these (50,000) may be classified as senior citizens.
A dignified funeral is an important part of their lives; to maintain the cultural identity of the ethnic group the funeral ritual is the key way.  And with the exception of death in very early childhood, cremation is for the most part, the only prescribed option for the major religious groups among Indian-Americans – be they Hindu, Sikh, Jain or even Buddhism. Even Other religious groups are now following the cremation ritual.

At the time of the loss of dear ones, the grieving family and friends are confronted with many important decisions and choices about the funeral and cremation arrangements.  These decisions have to be made promptly, while the family is still in a time of great emotional stress. And they have to be made correctly.

The choices to be made are quite a few, and the cost of funeral varies widely between funeral homes.  It is a major expense for many people; a decision that the grief-stricken family has to make in a very short period of time  Most funeral directors are professionals, dedicated to helping the family achieve their goal of compassionate and dignified funeral at a reasonable cost.  However, occasionally some unscrupulous individuals and or funeral homes do take advantage of the tragic situation by overcharging, suggesting and performing for some services that are unnecessary.

The Indian Cremation Society of Chicagoland (ICSC) is the Original and the Oldest Organization that was founded and registered as a not for profit organization in 2009 to address the needs of the Indian-American community. It was later renamed to Indian Cremation Organization in 2015 to make it convenient for the Indian-American Community.

The founding members and the Volunteers of the organization are respected community members from diverse religious and ethnic background.  They have committed to serve the organization on a voluntary basis - without any monetary or other forms of compensation.  

The volunteers from the organization have visited many funeral homes (that have an attached crematory) in the greater Chicagoland area.  Each facility was evaluated to see if it meets the bio-ethical codes prevalent among Hindu and other religious groups. The evaluation also kept in mind, the overall mission of our organization, as stated herein. 


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